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Dhaka Traffic Blues

Well, the long holidays are over, and the streets of Dhaka are slowly
getting back to their normal frenzy. The horns, the put-put of the
baby taxis, the bewildered stare of the taxi driver as he tries to
interpret the gyrations of the traffic warden, the gentle smile on
the bus driver as he parks the bus in the center lane waiting for the
passengers to offload the chicken coops on the rooftop, the suicidal
pedestrian who tries to cross the road over to Jahangir Tower in
Kawran Bajar, the glee on Asma, the flower girl's face as she spots
me, and skips between two trucks, to my bicycle, knowing she has a
sure sale, the babu in the back seat with the newspaper covering his
face, the blind beggar coughing through the thick black smoke of the
BRTC double-decker are some of the familiar signs that tell me that
there is stability in my life and the world has not changed. In this
season of greetings, and eco conscious, politically correct messages,
I send you a recycled, lead-free wish.

May you find a way to travel
From anywhere to anywhere
In the rush hour
In less than an hour
And when you get there
May you find a parking space

The year has had its usual ups and downs for Drik, but the adrenaline
flowing due to the constant crisis management during Chobi Mela has
everyone hyped up. The big show on the 10th January looms. The hits
in the web site have climbed regularly, and the December total of
105,857 hits is an all time record for us. It's a credit to you all
for having stuck with us for so long.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

May the good light be with you.
Shahidul Alam
Wed Jan 3, 2001

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  1. thanks for sharing Dhaka Traffic Blues

    Comment by ngekngok poems | October 11, 2010 | Reply

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