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Chobi Mela III in 2nd Week

I Will Not

Today on Earth Day we are celebrating by making promises

But I will not

I will not stop throwing paper on the ground.

I will not stop using plastic bags

I will not go to clean the beaches

I will not stop polluting

I will not do all these things because I am not polluting the world

It is the grown-ups who are dropping bombs

It is the grown-ups who have to stop

One bomb destroys more than all the paper & plastic that I can throw in
all my life

It is the grown-ups who should get together and talk to each other

They should solve problems and stop fighting and stop wars

They are making acid rain and a hole in the ozone layer

I will not listen to the grown-ups!

[Student of class five of Karachi High School on Earth Day 1991].

Other forms of resistance can be seen in the second week of Chobi Mela
III, the biannual festival of photography in Asia. While the evening
presentations (, the workshops by
Chris Yap, Barbara Stauss, Pedro Meyer, Rupert Grey, Dick Doughty,
Morten Krokvold and Liz Wells, as well as some of the exhibitions are
already over, Peter Fryer's workshop is still ongoing, and Raghu Rai's
workshop is yet to start. Numerous exhibitions are also ongoing,
including the open air shows at the Abahani Park, and the hugely popular
mobile exhibitions traveling all over Dhaka.

Besides the Chobi mela website
<>  where daily updates are available, those of
you who couldn't make it to Dhaka should look up Tay Kay Chin's visual
diary at <> . As for the all
night river cruise, sorry there are no substitutes.

Thanks to all the volunteers, the teams at Sketch, Ikon, Pathshala and
Drik, the Prince Claus Fund, the partners, associate partners and the
organizations who provided institutional support. Chobi Mela III could
never have been realized without your active support. 

Special thanks to Chris Yap for making the wonderful prints, Peter
Bakker of TNT for getting Morten Krogvold's exhibition over, Dr. Hashemi
for providing the Entifadha posters, and NTV, Channel I and The New
Nation for providing excellent media coverage. Thanks also to Rob White
and his team at LCC for their brave try at video conferencing and Yutaka
Ohira for his excellent work behind the scenes.

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