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Chobi Mela III Ends

Well, Chobi Mela III is coming to an end. One of the artists visiting
Chobi Mela III was the celebrated Mexican photographer, Pedro Meyer.
Pedro is also the editor of one of the most popular websites on
photography  <> It is apt that
the editorial on zonezero today, the final day of Chobi Mela III, talks
about his visit to the festival. Extracts from the editorial where Pedro
talks both of his experience in Dhaka and his feelings about the
festival follow. The full text is available at:

Bangladesh is according to economists, one of the poorest countries in
the world
. However, statistics tend to also obscure other aspects of
life that seem to get lost in such descriptions as "among the poorest in
the world". I found that the people in Bangladesh are among the
friendliest I have ever met any place, nothing to say that they must be
the biggest enthusiast of having their picture taken that exists on the
face of this earth
 Probably the most efficient way of getting on with
life is, how it is dealt with, in this very poor nation.

This event (Chobi Mela) here, is one of the largest of it's kind in
Asia. Bringing photographers and their work to the forefront during the
two weeks of this festival. I have met photographers from all over the
region, and I am sure that as this festival grows over the coming years,
Bangladesh will increasingly become a major center for the development
of photography. And what better place to have such an event than a city,
where to such a large extent, photography is welcomed by the population.

Pedro Meyer left day before yesterday, Raghu Rai left yesterday, Ozcan
Yurdalan left this morning, while Zhuang Wubin is still out there
somewhere in Sylhet. The exhibitions by Morten Krogvold, Michel
Szulc-Krzyzanowski, Srinivas Kuruganti (Alliance Française), John
Lambrichts (Goethe Insitut), Raghu Rai (Drik Gallery One), Darren Soh,
Student’s of Morten’s workshop, Zhuang Wubin and Chris Yap (Drik Rooftop
Gallery) all end today. We will arrange separate showings for “Bridging
East and West”, by Saudi Aramco World, which was held up by customs, and
the exhibition by students of Barbara Stauss at a later date. Those of
you who cannot make it to the galleries should give your eyes a feast at

Shahidul Alam

December 23, 2004 - Posted by | News Archives, Photography

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