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Imaging Famine and other events

Born Aid 20. The Commission on Africa. Live 8. Make Poverty History. The G8 
Summit in Gleneagles. We are witnessing renewed debate about global poverty, 
disasters and development, especially in Africa. Coming two decades after 
the Ethiopian famine of the mid-1980's the time is ripe for a 
reconsideration of the power and purpose of disaster pictures given the way 
the images of the Ethiopian famine spawned the original Band Aid/Live Aid 

 Imaging Famine is one of several intriguing events I'll be involved with in 
September 2005. The event in New York is not public, so I've left out the 
details, but I will be there in case anyone wants to meet up.

 5th and 6th September: Imaging Famine Conference

The Newsroom. Guardian. London. UK

contact: Dave Clark, Bolton University: dj at 

  *8th September: Panel Discussion: Imaging Development*

*Open University Campus, **Milton Keynes**. **UK***

*contact: Helen Yanacopulos, Open University: H.Yanacopulos at *

* *

 10th September: Symposium, A Critical Evaluation of Photographic 

Sunderland University. Sunderland. UK

contact: Bas Vroege, Paradox: Ebv at 

 12th – 14th September: New York

 17th and 19th September: 15th Videobrasil International
Electronic Art Festival

Sesc Pompéia, São Paulo. Brazil

contact: Luciana Gomide, Video Brasil: *fcfcom at* <>**


 22nd September: Launch of Internatioanal Touring Exhibition: Tales From a 
Globalising World

Drik Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh

contact: Rezaur Rahman, Drik: reza at

 24th September: National Geographic's All Roads Film Festival

Egyptian Theatre: Los Angeles. USA 

contact: Alexandra Nicholson, National Geographic: anichols at

 26th September: Presentation: "In Search of the Shade of the Banyan Tree"

UCLA. Los Angeles. USA

contact: Angilee Shah: angshah.asiamedia at

 29th September: Conference: Free Media
The Norwegian Institute of Journalism 

contact: Solberg Oona, MFA: oona.solberg at 
 It was Drik's birthday yesterday! Sweet Sixteen!
 Best wishes,
ps: we've started a data entry unit and are looking for work. So if you have 
any ideas...

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