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Brahmaputra Diary


A gentle trickle

A surging river

A gentle plain

A delta

Four long years

Three thousand kilometres


Cormorants, sea gulls

Sparrows at dusk

A flurry of wings

Moody clouds

La brume matinale

Boats bathed in twilight red


Wild blossoms

In narrow paths

A banyan tree

Tall strong shady

A forlorn reed

In amber garb


Bamboo groves

Reaching for the sky

Arching along the water

Coconut palms

Betwixt the land and the sea

A river rests, a delta speaks


Older than the mountains, it is a river that forces its way across

the towering Himalayas. The Tibetans know it as the Yarlung Tsang Po

(the purifier). In India it is known as the Brahmaputra. In

Bangladesh it is also known as the Jamuna, the Padma and finally the

Meghna before it opens into the sea. No one is known to have

traversed the entire run of the river. We take you on this journey,

across the millenium, across three nations, through Buddhism,

Hinduism and Islam. From the icy trickle in the glaciers. Along Pei

in China, where the river narrows into a rapid-filled gorge reaching

phenomenal depths and amazing cascades. Through the crystal clear

waters in Arunachal Pradesh. Across the We take you sailing along

the Brahmaputra.


The Brahmaputra Diary. An exhibition based on my journey along this

majestic Asian river opens at the Sutra Gallery in Kuala Lumpur

tonight (Sunday the 7th September) at 8:00 pm.


Shahidul Alam

Sun Sep 7, 2003

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