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By Katherine van Acker/The Image Works. Click link below

By Katherine van Acker/The Image Works. Click link below

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The Centre for Philosophy, Justice and Health – Photos by Majority World

Majority World
A mother walking with her children. Dhaka, Bangladesh. May 07, 2006 Mustafiz Mamun / Majority World
Zimbabwean couple carry food aid from the distribution centre. Zimbabwe. December 11, 2007. Warren Nelson / Majority World
A community health worker checking up eyes of a pregnant woman for signs of anemia, at her residence, in the village of Grax, outskirts of Karachi, in Pakistan. September 8, 2008. Shehzad Noorani / Majority World
Majority World brings to light the wealth of fresh imagery emerging from the majority world – our more accurate term for what has been known as ‘the developing world’ and ‘global south.’

We primarily enable the discovery of indigenous photographic talent, promoting ethical standards in trade and valuing the authentic view that local photographers provide – being of the culture, knowing the people, speaking the language and having an innate understanding of local context.

“Human beings allow me to document moments in their lives. I am the eyes, the ears and the voice of a people”

Sandra Sebastian Pedro. Photographer. Guatemala

“Diversity; great! Quality; great, given the circumstances… most remarkable; it breaks through the stereotypes. It shows the people as they are, not as the western world likes to cultivate it. “

Bas Van Beek, World Portraits,2008.

Fatema, a young girl, tries to help her family by running a small shop beside the road. Shoronkhola, Khulna, Bangladesh. January 16, 2008. The affected People of the coastal areas, struggle to get back to the normal course of life, after the devastation of cyclone SIDR, in November 15, 2007. K. M. Asad / Majority World
After the cyclone, fresh water became the most vital necessity for the survivors of SIDR. Shoronkhola, Khulna, Bangladesh. January 16, 2008. K. M. Asad / Majority World

Majority World in more detail:

In an ever-increasing socially aware world, concepts such as Ethical and Fair Trade, Social Responsibility, Reduction of the world’s Carbon Footprint, Organic, Authentic, Local and Sustainable—that were once used only amongst the few and relatively unheard minority—have become the common currency of politicians, business leaders, television personalities, students, housewives and consumers. In short, ideas once bantered around by the few are now products and services demanded by the many.

Our concept is strongly influenced by the principles of fairly traded imagery and is implemented not only through trading, but also campaigning, fundraising and training activities, often done in partnership with other like-minded organisations and companies. We strongly believe in sustainable business as a means of bringing about social change and reducing poverty and social injustice.

Majority World here in the UK is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) which actively markets the availability of this image content into the UK, European and US markets – providing the ‘bridge’ to enable direct access to the ‘northern’ marketplace for the work of indigenous photographers from the majority world.

A fundamental guiding principle is that trade is one of the most helpful ways we can use to stimulate lasting change. Indigenous photographers will be guaranteed visibility in the ‘north’ and a fair price for image use, where their rights are protected and income increased to provide sustainable livelihoods and improved quality of life.

Majority World in Eye Image Portfolio

Majority World in Eye Image Portfolio

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Swapan Nayak’s photography and concept in Helvetas Card Pack

Imagery & concept © 2008 Swapan Nayak / Drik India / Majority World / Helvetas

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