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Alexandra Boulat Scholarship

To honor the memory of Alexandra Boulat, who taught at TPW in these last years, TPW has created a special scholarship. This will consist in the possibility to attend a workshop in Tuscany for free (included room and board – not including travel expenses) and work under the guidance of master photographers.

It will be offered to a young photojournalist, male or female, under 35 year old.

To apply for this scholarship send a CD to:


P.O.Box 931

Bologna Centrale

40124 Bologna, Italy

Please, send only regular mail, not express courier because the P.O. Box does not accept it.

Within April 30th 2009, with 1 to 3 photojournalistic projects, each of 15 to 25 images (size 100 dpi, long size 1200), your personal data, cv, explanatory note for the projects and captions.

TPW will make a first selection of best works and made the final selection with VII.

Alexandra Boulat

Alexandra Boulat

PhotoGlobal Scholarships

Dear Shahidul,

I hope that the new year is treating you very well.

We will be accepting applications for the photography program for international students called PhotoGlobal. It is a one year certificate program structured around critique, and would be ideal for anyone–advanced student, someone applying to a graduate program who wants to strengthen their portfolio, or a professional who lacks a critical discourse and community– and who wants to share in the opportunities New York can offer. Please pass the attached information to anyone whom you know that might be interested, or they can go to The application deadline is in May.

Scholarships are available this year.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. I hope that you have a very happy new year.

Stephen Frailey

Chair, Photography Department

School of Visual Arts, New York

The MBL Science Journalism Program

Since 1888, the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, has been the summer home of experimental biology. Scientists from all over the world have come to teach, to learn, and to do research at the MBL, drawn here by the abundance of research specimens from the waters of Cape Cod.

The Logan Science Journalism Program at the MBL, now in its 23rd year, provides professional science journalists, editors, and broadcast journalists with a chance to forget about story deadlines and the latest breakthroughs, and instead immerse themselves in the process of basic biomedical and environmental research.

The experience is intensive: Journalists work hand in hand with laboratory investigators, and in many cases are given research projects of their own. They return to their jobs with a fuller sense of what it means to be a scientist, and a renewed sense of their mission as science journalists.

Choose Between Two Hands-on Laboratory Courses:

The program offers science journalists the choice between two introductory week-long intensive laboratory courses.

* Polar Hands-On Laboratory

Toolik Field Station, Alaska

June 17 – July 1, 2009

* Biomedical Hands-On Laboratory

Woods Hole, Massachusetts

May 27 – June 5, 2009

For further information contact:

Logan Science Journalism Program at the MBL

Marine Biological Laboratory

7 MBL Street

Woods Hole, MA 02543-1015

+1 508 289-7423

A limited number of fellowships are available. Fellowship support covers the cost of tuition, housing, library use, and transportation.

Twenty $ 3,500 Grants on Documentary Photography

The Open Society Institute Documentary Photography Project and Arts and Culture Network Program have announced a new grant opportunity for documentary photographers from Central Asia, the Caucasus, Afghanistan, Mongolia, and Pakistan.

Approximately 20 grants in the amount of $3,500 each will be awarded to photographers to produce a discrete body of work on a current human rights or social justice issue in the region. The competition is open to photographers from the following countries: Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. Preference will be given to applicants who currently reside in their home country. Exceptions will be made for applicants from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan living outside their home country. Applicants from other countries may also be eligible if they can demonstrate a long-term commitment to one of the designated countries (for example, by having lived and worked in one of the countries for many years).

Grantees will be assigned an internationally recognized photographer as a mentor throughout the grant period. Mentors and grantees will participate in two workshops. The first workshop, at the beginning of the grant term, will consist of portfolio review, shooting and editing, discussion of proposed projects, and technical requirements/issues. The second workshop, at the end of the grant period, will consist of preparing a final edit of the projects and examining options for the continuation of the project and the distribution of the work. Workshops will last for five days each and will be held in Central Asia and the Caucasus. Translation will be provided if necessary. All workshop expenses, including travel and accommodations, will be paid by the Open Society Institute.

The deadline for proposals is March 20, 2009

Thanks to former Pathshala tutor Arpan Munier for the information


Call for Nomination for the 2009 Ginetta Sagan Award for Women’s and Children’s Rights -Amnesty International USA

The Ginetta Sagan Fund of Amnesty International USA has called for nominations for the 2009 Ginetta Sagan Award. We are looking for women who have been working for women’s rights in a part of the world where women’s rights are often threatened.

The awardee receives a small sum of money ($10,000), a speaking trip to the United States (especially to Washington, DC, but also to the annual Amnesty general meeting), and long-term and close concern from Amnesty International — a kind of protective umbrella of the human rights community. Perhaps a woman working on mine-clearing in Angola — or any other country where it’s really difficult to make progress — would appreciate this kind of protection.

This year’s awardee, Betty Makoni, was such a powerful speaker that she has been invited back to DC to appear again on Capitol Hill in September.

More information is on the attachment to this email. The nomination letter, plus 2 letters of reference, and any other supporting materials, need to be complete by Oct. 1.

S.L. Bachman

Member, AIUSA Ginetta Sagan Fund Committee

Managing Director

Child Labor & the Global Village: Photography for Social Change

Further details: 2009-ginetta-sagan39cb14


Call for Applications: International Artists’ Residency, Schloss Bleckede, Germany

Since 1979, the Kuenstlerstaette Schloss Bleckede has been supporting young artists who explore innovative positions in the field of contemporary art, addressing aesthetic, cultural or political issues.Applicants will be selected by October 2008 for a residential scholarship for three to six months in order to develop their work. The scholarship includes a monthly grant of Euro 1,400. The historic, restored castle of Bleckede has been transformed into studios, providing extensive work space and living area. The nature reserve is near Lueneburg and Berlin , which have a thriving cultural life.

Applications should be sent to: Landkreis Lüneburg FD Schule und Kultur Am Graalwall 4 21335 Lüneburg

Germany Phone: +49-4131-26-1360The call for applications is open to all artists of all nationalities.


Residency in Perpignan. Urgent:

Dear Friends
I have just been contacted by Yasmina Reggad of Photo-Festivals concerning their Crossing Point Residency
Unfortunately, the artist who was awarded this residency has dropped out at short notice – so if you are interested in applying, please contact by email.
Be a photojournalist who would like to attend the International Festival of Photojournalism in Perpignan , at very short notice
You must be a non-EU photojournalist who has a visa Schengen and can travel as far as Paris under their own steam.

Yasmina says –

“What I have to offer: travel from Paris to Perpignan / a room in a shared house with talented phototojournalists from Palestine, Spain, Italy and France, a collective of French photographers, photo editors, journalists / meetings with renowned photojournalists, photo editors and agencies / an insurance for the week / there is no per diem, though I provide the food in the house.”

Please contact Yasmina directly if you have any questions, or would like to apply, as Autograph ABP is not involved in this residency in any way, and has no knowledge of the work of Photo-Festivals

Indra Khanna

Curator, Autograph ABP


Youth Service America and Disney are pleased to launch a second round of Disney Minnie Grants to engage children and youth, ages 5-14 as community volunteers. The selected applications will receive $500 to support their youth-led service projects. The deadline is August 30 and projects must take place October 15-November 15, 2008. Grantees from the first round of Disney awards of 2008 are eligible to apply. More information and application materials. Review past award recipients from all over the world.

Source: Ms. Chulie de Silva


Application deadline for the 2008 Howard Chapnick Grant is July 15th, 2008.

Please download an application form from the link at

The annual grant of $5000 is NOT intended for the creation of photographs,

but in support of the ancillary field of photojournalism, such as editing,

research, education and management. If you know anybody who might be

qualified, please pass this information on.

The grant was established to honor the memory of the enormous contribution

to photography by the late Howard Chapnick. He was president of Black Star

photo agency from January 1st,1964 to December31st,1989. His career,

which spanned for 50 years, was dedicated for photography and photographers

with such passion and love. He discovered, nurtured, and promoted some of

the world’s most talented photojournalists.

The annual award will assist the individuals who wish to follow in the

steps of this unique leader in the field of photojournalism, Howard Chapnick.

Application should be submitted to:

The Howard Chapnick Grant

c/o International Center of Photography

1133 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY 10036

If you wish your submission returned to you, please enclose the return postage.

For inquiries, please contact:

Yukiko Launois

125 East 87th Street 4B

New York, NY 10128

Tel: 212-876-8390


OSI’s Documentary Photography Project

2008 Distribution Grant

Deadline: Friday, June 20, 2008, 5pm (Eastern Standard Time)

OSI’s Documentary Photography Project is offering a grant to documentary photographers who have already completed a significant body of work on issues of social justice to collaborate with a partner organization and propose new ways of using photography as a tool for positive social change. All photographers must have another entity (such as a nonprofit, NGO, or community-based organization) that will work with the photographer to design an innovative distribution strategy that engages a specific audience, community, and/or site and presents documentary photographs in a way that has a meaningful and lasting impact on the communities or issues addressed in the images. Grants of $5,000 to $30,000 will be awarded.

For complete application guidelines, please visit


Grants of $20,000 each, plus a one-year exclusive rights option for marketing their work through, will be given to five

professional photojournalists….

Deadline: May 15, 2008 and November 15, 2008

Posted: March 14, 2008

Getty Images believes in the power of photojournalism to bring attention to significant social and cultural issues. We also know the rigors of executing world-class photography assignments and understand that in order to produce their best work, photojournalists need time, freedom and support.

Getty Images is thus pleased to offer Grants for Editorial Photography.

More than 136 photographers from around the world submitted applications for the Getty Images Grants for Editorial Photography awarded in February 2008. Those applications were evaluated by 4 independent judges in January. Each judge considered the anonymous projects and sample photographs independently, and then met to select the winning projects.


OURMedia 7: Identity, Inclusion, Innovation – Alternative Communication in a Globalized World

11-15 August 2008, Accra, Ghana

Call for proposals – deadline for submission is 29 February 2008.

Founded in 2001, OURMedia/NUESTROSMedios is a global network with the goal of facilitating a long-term dialogue between academics, activists, practitioners and policy experts around citizens’ media initiatives. [the website is being re-designed]

OURMedia is about build! ing an alternative world, rooted in local knowledge, anchored in stron g identities but also connected to global networks, open to ‘otherness’, diversity and inclusion.

Alternative communication for an alternative world

OURMedia 7 is built on the assumption that alternative communication – a diversity of actors, voices, themes and discourses – needs to flourish and take hold to create alternative worlds. It sees equity, community and cultural identity as the hallmarks of an alternative world.

Like the previous OM conferences, OM7 will be shaped by the living experience of its host country and region. For Ghana and much of Africa, that experience has tended to be portrayed by the world media in terms of deprivation and destruction, or as curiosities. Yet, this vast, diverse and vibrant continent nourishes many of the values, traditions and practices that can enrich communication in an alternative world.

Like previous OURMedia conferences, OM7 is an opportunity to dialogue and strengthen in! itiatives around common causes with the rest of the world. In the case of OM7, the conference is also an invitation to better understand the complex and dynamic reality of Africa that informs and potentially deepens such dialogue and initiatives.

The 3 Sub-themes of OURMedia 7

Identity, Inclusion and Innovation – these are key dimensions of alternative communication in, for and towards an alternative world. These may be regarded as different faces of marginalization in a world where expression is becoming increasingly uniform, majorities are being excluded (and even exploited), and certain kinds of knowledge and experience are presented as having more value than others. At the same time, the assertion of identity, inclusion and innovation are the very sources of strength to overcome homogenization, exclusion and relegation.

OM7 will have three main parts: the “Conference proper”, a Community Radio Symposium, and a Festival.

For more information on the events, focus and how to submit a proposal visit or contact ——————————

Post-Academic Institute for

Research and Production

Fine Art, Design, Theory

Call for applications Fine Art, Design and Theory at Jan van Eyck Academie –Maastricht, The Netherlands

Artists, designers and theoreticians are invited to submit proposals for individual or collective research projects for a one-year, two-year or variable research period in the departments of Fine Art, Design and Theory.

The Jan van Eyck Academie is an institute for research and production in the fields of fine art, design and theory. Every year, 48 international researchers realise their individual or collective projects in this artistic and critical environment. Artists, designers and theoreticians are invited to submit proposals for individual or collective research projects for a one-year, two-year or variable research period in the departments of Fine Art, Design and Theory. Deadline for submissions is 15 April 2008.

Application details and form

The Jan van Eyck researchers are part of a creative community. They are advised by a team of artists, designers and theoreticians who have won their spurs globally. They can also avail themselves of facilities that support their projects from first concept to public presentation. All in all, the Jan van Eyck offers artists, designers and theoreticians time and space to do research and realise productions, either about topics of their own choosing or as part of a project formulated by the institute itself.

The research undertaken at the Jan van Eyck is multidisciplinary. This results in a very heterogeneous programme. The cross-links that are established and the exchange between researchers of different cultural and intellectual backgrounds generate a creative and challenging working environment.

kOOii International Artist Support and Promotion

Mieke Kooistra Creative Director



phone: +94 112762274

mobile: +94 773515533

Expired Items:

Transart Institute Announces Ten Scholarships

Application deadline: March 1, 2008



Transart Institute is pleased to announce that grants to the institute have been extended and

students are eligible for scholarships of up to $2000. Scholarships are given on the basis of

artistic merit and financial need to students of all media and genres accepted into the Transart

Institute MFA program. The deadline for scholarship applications is March 1, 2008.

The Transart Institute MFA program

consists of three intensive summer residencies with lectures, workshops, critiques, seminars,

performances and exhibitions in Europe and two shorter, optional winter residencies in New York.

In the four semesters between residencies, students create their own course of study realizing

individual art and research projects with the support of faculty and self-chosen artist mentors

wherever they work and live. The program is geared towards the development of a sustainable

artistic praxis rather than training in certain media or genres, challenging students to think

conceptually and work creatively in new ways. Current students work with animation, curating,

digital media, film, gaming, graphic design, installation, painting, performance, photography,

robotics, sculpture, sound, text, video, virtual reality. The low-residency format permits

continuing a professional life while participating in the program. Deadlines for application to the

MFA program: Advanced admissions: March 1, 2008, rolling admissions (space permitting): May 1,


Certificate program

Transart Institute now offers a summer program for artists who are not seeking a degree.

Participants join MFA students in workshops, lectures and critiques and leave the residency with

input on project plans for the year ahead. Artists attend the residency to: get a creative surge; get

a fresh perspective on their work; revitalize their practice; take their work in a new direction, make

plans for a focussed praxis in the year ahead and to become part of an international community of

artists, theorists and curators. Artists who successfully complete the residency will receive a non-

credit certificate of attendance. Tuition is EUR 2400 for the three week course.

The deadline for applications to the certificate program is June 1st.

The Transart summer residency will take place at the OK Center for Contemporary Art, OK Platz 1, 4020 Linz, Austria from July 13

– August 1, 2008

Graduating students will hold their thesis exhibitions at the OK Center as well.

For further Information please contact:

Julie Bush,

Transart Institute MFA Program in New Media

Summer Residency 2008: OK Center for Contemporary Art, Linz, Austria

Winter Residency 2009: Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, New York

Accredited by

Donau-Universität Krems, Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30, 3500 Krems, Austria


Scholarships and advance MFA admissions: March 1, 2008

Rolling admissions MFA (space permitting): May 1, 2008

Certificate admissions: June 1, 2008


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